Review – Comic Kid Collectable’s Custom Stands

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. As most people know, one of the hardest thing to do with figures is getting them to stand and getting them to remain standing. This is especially true for female figures and during the summer times where the heat can make the plastic weaker. So many people use stands to keep them standing. So as you may have guess, today I will be talking about custom stands I got from Comic Kid Collectable.

I managed to get twenty of them from him. (I paid for them so this is not a sponsored review.) These stands are a small rectangular spaced with a sculpted Marvel text exiting from the stand. What I really like about this is how the figure would be attached to the stand. Many over the counter stands use pegs to connect the figure. However, the problem with that is not all the figures have the same size peghole, leading to the stand being either too small or to big. What Comic Kid did instead is allow the figure to be attached by having a rubber band wrap around the foot. This may not be for everyone but it does keep the figure steady.

Here are a few examples of how it was done, using the SP//DR Elektra and Gamerverse wave Rage.

Those are two of the most basic figure I pick but what about the most dangerous versions? Those that are top heavy, have big hair or high heels? Well I have selected a good number of problem figures (for me) and tested them. They have remained standing but some figures (Squirrel Girl) still may have trouble but a bit of positioning will make it stand perfectly.

Have a look:

As you can see these stands work perfectly. Alot of these I was using other stands for but they would still fall over. They haven’t falling over with these since I got them (except maybe Doreen). However, if there is one thing I would criticize about them is they are a slight be too big for female figures. If he was to make a second slightly smaller set for female figures it would be great.

Thanks to Comic Kid Collectable for these stands and will be getting more in the future.

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