Site Update: New Display suggestions

Hey gang. No new NCS today but I have been doing something new in some of the older and the coming soon page. In the profiles sections of the page, where you get all the stats and stuff, you will find links to certain pages. These page will give you list of certain categories.

I’ll get onto what each list are for but to explain why I even bother to do this. Most people like to display their collection either by character or teams. However, there are those people that like to collection in a new or unique ways. What say you want to just display the British characters? What if you just want to only collect Female figures? What if you just wanted to collect only mutants? That what these pages are for, to help you make it easier to collect and display these characters.

So far I have only done Citizen (where they are from), Gender (Male, Female etc), By Height (from shortest to tallest), Race (Human, Mutant, etc) and Universe (Prime, Ultimate, MCU etc) of the Abomination Page so have a look.

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