News – Comic Con Germany

(Stupid f-ing work. Making me late for posting this. *Grumble, Grumble*) Hey Gang. Earlier today at a Comic Con in Germany, Hasbro revealed some new figures. Unfortunately, they haven’t reveal the BAF for the AOA wave, Black Widow wave or more from the X-force wave. But they did reveal 2 exclusives.

First is one for all those who complained that the Jim Lee Storm figures wasn’t in the right colors, as Hasbro revealed a Fan Channel Exclusive Black costume variant. This will be availible for Pre-order around December 9th and will be released next Spring. You may notice that this package doesn’t have the 80th anniversary logo. That is because it is part of next year’s line-up and not part of the 80th anniversary. Could this be an indication that we will see more repaints / Variants?

Also revealed was something we hinted at a few months back, the Walgreen’s Exclusive Stepford Cuckoos. This will be similar to the Dani Moonstar/Wolfsbane/Karma in that you will have to buy 3 (or five) you complete the sisters. This is based on the Renegade X-men version, which explains what they have different hair. This was during a time when 2 of the 3 wanted to be treated like an individual so they dyed their hair. This will looks nice next to the recent Emma Frost figure that was released in Walgreens as well. I have include the names on each if you want to know who is who.

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