Con Reminder – MCM London Hasbro Schedule

Hasbro continues their world tour by heading over to the UK for the MCM Comic Con London. Well the people of MCM has posted when they will be having the panels for their panel. However, unlike last year, Hasbro will be having a dedicated Marvel (as well as Star Wars and Transformers) panel, on Sunday the 27th of October. They list the UK time so it’s 7 am EST. 

Hasbro: Marvel Panel 

Sunday / Main Stage / 11:00

The Hasbro Marvel team will discuss some exciting news around Hasbro’s ever popular Marvel Legends action figure line! Attendees will get a sneak peek of upcoming, never-before-seen Marvel action figures, followed by a Q&A for all your burning questions. Hasbro panelists include Dan Yun from the Marvel brand team.

Also on that weekend is the Paris Comic Con but I can’t seem to find the times they will have. If there is any French reader who could help please let me know.

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