News – Canada Fan Expo ’19

(Late I know, I was working at the time)

Hasbro continue their world tour by going north of the border to Canada’s Fan Expo. They didn’t reveal anything from the upcoming wave but they did reveal some new figure. Ever since the Puck wave, Hasbro has been slowly building up the Canadian Premier team, Alpha Flight, adding Sasquatch and Guardian. Puck unfortunately has gathered up a fair bit of a second market price, so Hasbro reveal that he is coming again with a new head. But that’s not all, the famous twin Aurora and Northstar (who is the comic industries first openly gay hero and the first one ever to get married). Since they were based on the 90’s 2-pack, they design to recreate more of those 2-pack given Sasquatch’s pack mate, Vindicator. Puck also got his pack mate with Snowbird. Finishing off the reveal, we got Shaman. So you may be asking are these coming as part of a wave? Nope, you can get all these as an Amazon exclusive. With this we now have most of the main member of the team.

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