News – Unboxing Toy Con 2019

Hasbro begins their world tour by going down south of the border. While they did reveal much in this Con, they did reveal a couple of new figure for the upcoming Spider-man wave.

No word on the BAF (or seventh figure), but they did reveal that Doc Ock will be getting a new figure as his Superior Octopus version. It is still unknown if the tentacles are bendable. If they are, hopefully they can be removed and used on Doc Ock.

(Source: Magios Initiative)

Joining him, we have an very obsure character but one that was in the most recent Fan Poll. The Lewis Carroll obsessed White Rabbit. (Think Batman’s Mad Hatter but a woman using the White Rabbit of the story).

That’s it for this con but in a few weeks we have the Canadian Expo, which will more then likely reveal more X-men figures.

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