Nightcrawler, P2P and new rumour

BAMF!! A new NCS appears. We continue our look at the X-Force wave with Nightcrawler. Mr. Sinister is next but it won’t be until 2 weeks time as I will working all next week to make up for my brother’s Bachelor.

I also change the Vision post into a page. Only a few more to go until all the Character posts become pages. I will be doing some else with the pages soon so wait for that.

Finally a new rumor has been circulating thanks to Rektangular. He has said that store listing have revealed the remain figure of the X-Vintage wave as well as the final X-force figure. Now Rekt is usually correct but it should be noted that Hasbro has changed a line-up before. Anyhow, the 2 remaining X-Vintage figure is rumor to be Iceman (more then likely the blocky form from the 70’s to the 90’s) as well as Storm (either the Giant Size or Jim Lee). Rounding out the X-Force wave we have the rumor of X-Force Wolverine, a surprise to no one, with Wendigo rumored to be the BAF. Like I said, these are not confirmed so don’t be disappointed if they prove to be false.


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