Best Marvel Legend Figure of 2018 Winners!!

Well guys. After an exhausting and extremely fun few weeks of voting, we now have the over all winner of the Best Marvel Legend Figure of 2018. Thanks so much for all those that voted. This time we have had the most people voting then any of the other categories. This has been a great year of Marvel Legends. One of the best years ever. Not only did we get 10 wave of standard figure, we also got tons of exclusives (even with the fall of Toys-R-Us) as well as celebrating 10 years of the MCU with a number of Anniversary figure, some filling in the holes left from the movies, like Yellowjacket and Ronan. But who was the best figure? Before we go into that lets look at the runner-up.

3rd Place


Vote percentage – 10%

Taking the third place win we have the X-men Archangel. This has been a figure that people have been wanting to be re-released for a long time. It was first released as part of the Rocket Racoon wave but Hasbro distribution at the time saw this figure being hard to find. Not only did Hasbro re-release this figure, they gave it a much improved and comic accurate paint scheme as with as shiny wing. But that’s not all. They also gave us 4 different head, one being the standard head, one being the Death mask head and 2 unmasked heads. They went one step more and gave us a new claw hand for the Apocalypse figure. Well worth the money to get.

2nd Place


Vote Percentage – 20%

Give out about the amount of Deadpool in the wave all you want. No one will tell you that this Build-A-Figure wasn’t worth completing. This figure is incredible. It’s big, has a massive wing fan and has been on wish lists for a long time. Sure it may use the Amazing Spider-man Lizard figure for the base but if it work who care. Truely a beautiful figure and is needed for any collections.



Vote Percentage – 27%

Taking this years Best Marvel Legend Figure of 2018 we have the incredible blue eye Thing!!. Ever since they announced Invisible Woman, we have been waiting for this figure to come out. We even allowed Hasbro to release the other 2 first so that they could perfect this figure. And man, did they ever perfect it. This is the Best Thing figure, from most lines, ever. The product shot I have above that not do this figure justice. This is a figure well worth the wait. If you don’t have this figure and you collect Marvel Legends (unless you are a one person/team buider) then just stop whining about ebay prices and get him. NOW.

Well that’s it for this years Best of 2018.  You guys seemed for have found the separate survey better then the all in one version since 87% voted “Yes it was fun”. Before we go I just want to go through some new categories for next year that was suggested:

  • Best Accessory – Last year was kind of hard for people to pick so next year I will only pick the unique accessories like Gwenpool’s penguin backpack.
  • Most Disappointing Figure – I didn’t do it this year because last year people basically fought with me for figure you voted for. Also everyone know the most disappointing figure this year was Spider-Ham
  • Best Reuse of Body mold – I actually might break this down into the different mold like the best use of Bucky cap and the best use of Spider-UK.

I would also like to thanks those for the kind and awesome encouragement from the comment section: 

  • You’re doing great
  • This is nice! keep it up!
  • Excellent, fun, useful and very well run website for us Marvel Legends lovers.
  • This was an awesome idea!

Now for a bit of sad news before we go. This will be the last post, beyond new News post, that I will be doing for this year. Yep, it’s time for my December break. For those that have been use this site for a while know that I work in retail (for those that live in Ireland I work in Dunnes Stores). So that mean I will not have alot of time to do anything much less write NCS. But don’t worry for when we return after the Christmas holidays, I will be finishing the Spider-man wave, with Puma and Night Thrasher. See ya then!!!


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