MCM London 2017 – New Figures!!!

This weekend, Hasbro decided to travel across the pond from the US to Britain and attend the MCM Comic Con London. Not one to come empty handed Hasbro brought some new figure to be revealed. First they decided to reveal the last of the next wave of ML that being Black Panther. And what was revealed for that was………………………..well a bit underwhelming. They were obvious going to be MCU figure (that being Black Panther, Killmonger and Nakia) but the BAF is what really brought this wave down was the BAF, which follows the GOTG Vol 2 Wave 2 Mantis BAF as a normal size figure, Okoye. This is disappointing as this figure could have easily been a single figure and many people were expecting Man-Ape (or to avoid SJW, M’Baku). None the les here is the wave in it’s entirety.

Great. Only the comic figures for me anyway. A new Comic Iron Man after so long with a improved Namor and Black Bolt. I will use the BAF Okoye and Nakia as Dora Majile  since we will never get them in comic form.

As you can tell many people didn’t like this wave but Hasbro is not one to let that go. IN what seem to be a new thing with Hasbro, just like they revealed a Canadian Hero in the Canadian Expo, they reveal a home grown hero in the form of  the British Avenger Black Knight, in one of his more classic form.

Well that should be it for the reveals this year. Unlesss Hasbro decided to go to another Con I think we can expect the next reveals to be Toy Fair 2018 in February. I hope so cause it want to get back to the older characters and still need to get through the ones reveal at SDCC2017.

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