Ideal Waves – What I got right at SDCC?

2 or 3 weeks before I did a number of Ideal Waves of what I would like to see be unveiled at the SDCC. We did get alot of stuff shown so let have a look at what the Waves I made and see where I predicted right.

Ideal Waves : Thor wave Version 1

My Predictions:

  • Thor (Classic) – No
  • Thunderstrike – No
  • Thor Girl – No
  • Loki – No
  • Hercules – No
  • King Cobra – No (but is rumoured for the Avengers)
  • BAF: Kurse – No

Unfortunately Hasbro has decided to have only one wave for the Thor movie this time. With the exception of King Cobra, who is rumoured to be coming in a Avengers wave, I didn’t predict any of this. Maybe some of these will show up in an Avengers wave later in the year.

Ideal Wave: X-men Version 1

  • Wolverine (X-23) – Yes, Kinda, Different costume
  • Storm -No
  • Gambit -No
  • Nightcrawler -No
  • Toad -No, but hinted at
  • Avalanche – No, but hinted at
  • Bastion – No
  • BAF: Nimrod

I manage to predict one character in the version that being X-23, kinda since she is coming in her X-force costume as part of the Deadpool wave. However they have extremely hinted that they are making another so maybe she is coming in her Wolverine version for the X-men wave. There is a X-men wave coming so the rest might come true.

Ideal Wave: Marvel Knights Version 1

  • Luke Cage (MCU) – No, but we are getting a comic version
  • Iron Fist (MCU) – No, but we are getting a comic version
  • Kingpin – No.
  • Daredevil – Not the one I predicted but we are getting another DD
  • Elektra – No
  • Lady Bullseye
  • Ghost Rider – No but we are getting a Johnny Blaze.
  • BAF: Hellfire – Yes but not as a BAF.

I actually surprised myself in how close I predicted this one. While we are not getting MCU version of them, we are getting a Luke Cage and Iron Fist with a repainted DD, just not the one I wanted. which seem to be shared among fans as they wanted something different like Iron Fist who is in  a new costume. What surprised me the most is that I predicted the Hellfire. Not the actual bike, cause we kinda knew it was coming thanks to rumour, but the fact that you can remove the Flames and skull front and have a normal bike. I thought it was just a fun function, didn’t think it would come true.

Ideal Wave: Spider-man Wave Version 1.5

  • Iron Spider – No, but many are thinking he is one the way thanks to the Lasher figure
  • Spider-ham/Monkey – No, Dammit!
  • Silver Sable – No but some kind of movie is coming.
  • Cloak and Dagger – No.
  • Vulture – no
  • Molten Man – No.
  • BAF- Man-Spider.- No

I knew of the rumour so I didn’t think any of these would come true. However, Hasbro said with the Inhuman coming out they would bring out more of them so maybe we will see a Cloak and Daggers set.

Ideal Wave: Black Panther Version 1

  • Black Panther MCU – Yes,it’s coming in some form
  • Eric Killmonger – Possible, there is still more to come.
  • Shuri – Highly possible thanks to the Previews
  • Blue Marvel – No
  • Ms. America – No
  • Klaw – Highly Possible Thanks to the Previews.
  • Power Man – No
  • BAF: Man-Ape – we still don;t know the BAF so possibly.

I knew the rumours but was surprised by the Preview. While it is hard to make out complete the one of the left looks like Klaw and The one in the middle looks like Shuri.  We still don’t know what else is in the wave so anything is possible.


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