Yesterday I posted a Ideal Wave based around the Upcoming Black Panther movie. However this has seem to have cause offence to number of people and for that I apologise.

First of all, I am well aware of other Black Superheroes that have movies like Blade, Spawn, Steel etc. However, what my intention was that I was talking about the MCU and DCEU  to which neither has a movie made with a black hero lead . Most people took this to mean I don’t know these film, but in actually I do and I love most of them, especially Blade who started the Comic Book movie franchise.

Another think people took offence to is that I made the theme of a race. That I agree was a stupid move and won’t do it again. I just felt that a movie whose majority of cast is black shouldn’t have the majority of the figure being white. They also accused me of not following the theme when I include Ms. America and Klaw. However while they are not of color, they are important character to Black Panther mythos so I had to include them. As for not including the Dora Milaje, this I won’t say sorry for that because, as much as they look awesome in the trailers, this is my list and I just don’t find them interesting enough. The theme is only there to give me a basic guide line to include other heroes and villains outside the main characters storyline but the greater part of the wave is based around the main character.

Another thing I won’t apologise for is the fact that I didn’t include the rules. This was the first time I did this but some people took it as I didn’t care for my readers. That of course is complete BS but I have posted a number of these Ideal waves with the rules included in them. They also have a page which show all the Ideal wave in order of release, plus a whole category which you can click on to find other Ideal wave with the rules. Don’t give out if you are just going to be lazy.

Again I do apologise to people who were offended by the wave. It will not be taken down as a great of people truly enjoyed what was supposed to be a fun, fantasy wave. If you think I should continue to include the rules each times or you think I should keep doing the Ideal wave please comment below.




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