Goose (MCU)


  • Real Name: Unknown
  • AKA:
  • Family: 
  • Base of Operation: Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility
  • Identity: No Dual Identity
  • Citizenship:
  • Martial Status: 
  • Occupation: Pet
  • Education: 
  • Gender: Female
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Orange
  • Unusual Feature: Fanged mouth full of tentacles, internal storage
  • Origin: Flerken
  • Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

From TV / Movies series:

Captain Marvel

Animal Actor: ?

Captain Marvel

Recommend Figure: Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree Sentry Wave Goose Pack-in with Bomber Jacket Captain Marvel or Nick Fury

  •  Why you need it for your collection?:
    • It was a nice surprise (and a huge spoiler) that Hasbro has included these 2 figure as pack-ins. However, it’s a cat. Unless you are buying the 1 or 2 figures he comes with, there really isn’t much point in getting him.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.


Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe