Wakanda’s Royal Family

Here you will find the Royal Family of Wakanda as they lead their country as the Black Panther.


Mosi | Bashenga | Azzuri | Nanali | T’Chaka | N’Yami | Ramonda | Jakarra | Shuri | Hunter | Ororo Munroe | S’Yan | Joshua Itobo | Khanata | Ishanta | Zuni | M’Koni | T’Shan | Mr. Wheeler | Billy Wheeler | Kwezi Dzana | Mateena


  • Mosi (Avengers BC) and Bashenga (the second Black Panther) are the ancestors of the entire Wakanda Royal Family.
  • Azzuri (who once fought Captain America in WWII) and Nanali would give birth to T’Chaka and his brother S’Yan.
  • T’Chaka would fall in love with Mateena but left her with knowing she was pregnant with Jakarra.
  • T’Chaka would marry N’Yami.
  • The couple would later adopt Hunter, who would go onto become White Wolf.
  • N’Yami would later give birth to T’Challa. However, N’Yami would die soon after T’Challa’s birth.
  • T’Chaka would marry Ramonda, who raised T’Challa as her own and would later give birth to Shuri.
  • After T’Chaka’s death at the hand of Klaw, S’Yan would take up the mantle of Black Panther. He also had a son called T’Shan.
  • The royal family also includes Joshua Itobo, Khanata, Ishanta, Zuni, M’Koni, Mr. Wheeler and Billy Wheeler but their claims to the throne is unknown as they are cousins to T’Challa and Shuri.
  • T’Challa and Shuri also have a nephew in Kwezi Dzana, but his parentage is currently unknown.
  • T’Challa also married Ororo Monroe (Storm) but their marriage has since been annulled.