Universe: Miscellaneous

Here you will find all the universes that only have one or 2 characters that have been made into a figure. These will also include alternate futures.

2020 (Earth-8410)

In a world where many of the world heroes have disappeared in the 1980s, Mega-corporations have taken over and VR games became an addictive product. Humans are treated and rules and the rich rule over them. This universe is famous for being the home for Iron man 2020.

Iron Man 2020 (2020 Universe)

Bishop’s Future (Earth-1191)

This is a future very similar to the Days of Futures Past universe. What make it different is that Mutant Messiah killed millions of people forcing Governments to activate the Sentinel Program. The Sentinels force Mutants and Humans into concentration camps. Scott Summer eventually lead a revolt that freed everyone and destroyed the Sentinels. He would later set up a special police force to which Bishop and his sister eventually joined before they both headed back in time to the present.


Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

In this universe, after the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly, the government activated their Sentinel program. However, instead of hunting just mutants, the Sentinel began capturing everyone, no matter what species, and interning them in camps. A small group of surviving X-men sent the mind of the older Kitty Pryde back in time to prevent the assassination and prevent this timeline from happening. This timelines would later continue to exist. It is also the home of Nimrod who would later also go back in time and battle the current X-men.

Nimrod (Days of Future Past)

Gwen-Verse (Earth-65)

Home to Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider: Spider-Gwen (Gwen-Verse)

Home to Exile’s Morph (Earth-1081)

Morph (Earth-1081)