Romanova’s Family

Here you will find all the members of Natasha Romanova’s family.


Natasha’s Unnamed mother | Ivan Petrovitch | Natasha’s unnamed brothers | Vindiktor | Nikolai | Alexi Shostakov | Rose | Stevie Grey | Natalia Romanova


  • Natasha is the daughter of an unknown mother and may have a few brother but we don’t know if they are still alive.
  • Vindiktor claims to be her brother but this has not been proven.
  • She was raise by the Red Room to become the latest Black Widow and give Ivan Petrovitch as her foster father.
  • During a mission, she was married to Nikolai who later was killed.
  • She was forced to marry Alexi Shostakov, who was chosen as the latest Red Guardian.
  • She was brainwashed and made to believe she was a different person. Her DNA was used to make Stevie Grey, her son.
  • Dr. Bong created a clone of her.