Race: Machines

Here you will find all the machine like being of the Marvel Universe. These are all the character that were built usually using metal or similar material. The most basic version is a robot but there are others as well.

Life Model Decoys

These are robot-like beings that are made to look and act like a person so they could replace that same person. These were famous for being used constantly by SHIELD agents, particularly Nick Fury.

  • Black Ant – was created by Father to replace Eric O’Grady and infiltrate the Secret Avengers.


The Sentinel are mutant hunting robot created Bolliver Trask, that usually take the form of giant humanoid robots. There have been many “models” and certain Sentinel have taken on a unique personality.

  • Nimrod (Days of Future Past) – Nimrod is the most advance sentinel during the Days of Future Past universe who was sent back in time to insure it’s timeline. It was later merged with Master Mold and became Bastion but more versions have since been discovered.