Race: Clones

Here you will find all the clone characters. In case you have no idea what a Clone is, it is a physical copy of another person, usually created through science or magic. However, in terms of characters, there are different types of clones. so click on the links below

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All clones

This is a list of all clones regardless of origins.

  • Black Widow – it has recently been reveal that Natasha may in fact be a series of clones but this has yet been confirmed.

New Characters

This is a list of clones that usually turn into a brand new characters, with their own personality and story-lines. Some may have the memory of the person they are cloned from but generally are different characters.

Series of Clones

This is a list of characters that constantly clone themselves. They have the same memories and motives as the original and are generally considered the same character as the original.

  • Black Widow – has recently been reveal that she might be a series of clones