Olympian Family

Here you will find all the family members of the Olympian ruling family, the family members of Avengers’ Hercules and Ares.

Zeus’ Children

– Zeus son via Alcmena
– Zeus’s Son via Hera


 (Hercules’ grandfather) | Perseus (Hercules great-grandfather) | Gaea (Hercules’ great-grandmother) | Ouranos (Hercules great-grandfather) | Cronus (Hercules’ grandfather) | Rhea (Hercules’ grandmother) | Zeus (Hercules, Ares and more’s father) | Alcmena (Hercules’ mother) | Amphitryon (Hercules’ step-father) | Lycminius (Hercules uncle) | Poseidon (Zeus’ brother) | Hades (Zeus’ brother) | Hera (Zeus’ sister) | Demeter (Zeus’ sister) | Hestia (Zeus’ sister) | Apollo (Zeus’ son via Leto) |  Dionysus (Zeus’ son via Semele) | Hermes (Zeus’ son via Maia) | Hephaestus (Zeus’ son via Hera) | Aphrodite (Zeus’ daughter via Dione) | Athena (Zeus’ daughter via Metis) | Artemis (Zeus’ daughter via Leto) | Eileithyia (Zeus’ daughter via Hera) | Helen (Zeus’ daughter) | Discord (Zeus’ daughter via Hera) | Persephone (Zeus’ daughter via Demeter) | Iphicles (Hercules’ mortal half brother) | Megara (Hercules’ first wife) | Deianira (Hercules’ second wife) | Hebe (Hercules’ third wife and Zeus’ daughter via Hera) | Alflyse (Hercules’ fourth wife, marriage annulled) | King Creon (Hercules’ father-in-law) | Hyllus and Ctessipus (Hercules sons by Deianira) | Hercules’ three unnamed sons by Megara | Telephus (Hercules’ son) | Gelonus, Scythes and Agathyrus (Hercules’ sons by Echidna) | Alexiares and Anicetus (Hercules’ sons by Hebe) | Celtus (Hercule’s son by Keltine)| Tlepolemus (Hercules’ son by Astyoche) | Lamus and Cleodaius (Hercules’ sons by unnamed mothers) | Iole (Hercules daughter-in-law) | Eurystheus (Hercules’ cousin) | Iolaus (Hercules’ nephew) | Eurypylus (Hercules’ grandson) | Cleodaeus (Hercules’ grandson) | Demi-God (Hercules’ Clone)


  • Short version: Zeus banged everything.
  • Long Version: I ain’t going through that. It’s too complex and it would take weeks.