Osborn Family

Here you will find all the characters that are part of the Osborn family.

Harry Osborn
(Norman’s Son)
Molten Man
(Harry’s brother-in-law through Liza
Gwen Stacy
(DNA Used to create Gabrial and Sarah Stacy by Harry)


Emily Osborn (Norman’s wife) | Gabriel Stacy (Norman and Gwen’s genetic son) | Sarah Stacy (Norman and Gwen’s genetic daughter) | Normie Osborn (Harry’s son VIA Liz) | Stanley Osborn (Harry’s son via Lily) | Liz Allan (Harry’s Wife) | Lily Hollister (Harry’s ex-fiancée)


  • Norman Osborn married Emily which resulted in the birth of their son Harry. Emily would later see what a monster Norman was and faked her death.
  • Harry would marry Liz Allen which resulted in their son Normie.
  • Liz’s stepbrother was Mark Raxton, aka Molten Man.
  • After Norman’s “death”, Harry took the DNA of his father and Gwen Stacy and created the clones, Gabriel, and Sarah Stacy, who were made believe that Norman and Gwen were their father.
  • Harry would later be cloned and after Brand New Day, he replaced Harry after the former’s death.
  • Having divorced Liz, Harry became involved with Lily Hollister, the villain Menace, which resulted in the birth of their child, Stanley.