My Collection

Update- 18/07/17 – I’m currently changing up my display, will update soon.

Here is my collection that I have on display. I generally have a rule that it is one figure per character but if the person who uses the same name is a different character, then it counts as a different figure. The only exception is my Spider-verse shelf.

New Spider-verse shelf with Symbiotes added:

With the amount of Spider-men coming out I had to move all the Spider-people over to a new longer shelf. I also added the Symbiotes since we will more then likely get more of them thanks to the Venom verse.


Well that’s it for my ML collection, I also have a Tons of other figures in storage as well has other franchise like Transformers, Gundam and a Load of Figmas. If you want to see those let me know.

I will be updating this page regularly when I get a new set of Figures, so check back every once and a while.