Here you will find all characters in order of their citizenship.

Planet Earth

Croatia (formally YUGOSLAVIA)
Republic of Ireland
united States of America

Fictional countries

These are countries that are exclusive to the Marvel universe(s) and are entirely fictional.

Krakoa Nation

This mutant nation is based on the living island of Krakoa, created by Xavier to harbor mutants. It currently has no flag


This is the fictional African country of Wakanda, home to the Black Panther cult and it’s people.


These characters technically don’t belong to any particular states or countries, but are still born on Planet Earth

  • Adam Warlock – was created on Earth but does not belong to one country.

Negative Zone

All of these character come from the Negative zone, most from different planets.

Other Realms

Here you will find places that are from other Nine realms, like Asgard or Hell.


This is the realm of the Norse Gods, known as Asgard. It doesn’t matter where the realm is located, on Earth or otherwise.


This is the capital city of Dimension Z, a dimension that Arnim Zola created and the world that Cap rescued and adopted Ian.


This is the realm of Angels, an all female race. The realm was cut off from the rest of the realm during a war with Asgard.

  • Angela (was kidnapped and raised in Heven)


Here you will find all the characters that come from the Olympus realm. This is the realm that the former Greek and Roman gods lives.

Other Planets

Here you will find character that are from different planets in the universe.


This is the planet where the Klyntar, or commonly known as Symbiotes, come from. While it was originally believed to be a normal planet, it has recently been revealed it is in fact made up of dormant Klyntar, who have taken it upon themselves to imprison their god and cretaor, Knull, using their bodies. It is famous for being the world that the Venom, Carnage etc come from.