Characters that need to be remade

Here you will find all the character that need to be remade by Hasbro. This is characters only so if Hasbro has made then character in a different costume, it will not be included. Also note, all the remakes figure have to have been made BEFORE  the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mandroid or the Spider-man Ultimate Green Goblin wave. This will also include alternate universe BUT they must be comic versions only, so no Snipes’ Blade or Affleck’s Daredevil.

Toybiz’s Marvel Legends Mainline

ToadGhost Rider (Ketch)Howard The Duck (Duckworld)DoopBlack Widow (Belova)VengeanceDeathlok (Collins)Iron Fist (H’ylthri)GalactusBlackheartRedwingLongshot (Mojoverse)Baron Zemo (Heinrich)Mojo (Mojoverse)


  • Hasbro has done a version of Dan Ketch Ghost Rider and Galactus but it was made before the Mandroid wave so they are included.
  • Deathlok (Collins), Baron Heinrich Zemo and Iron Fist (H’ylthri) are not the same characters as Deathlok Prime (Roxxon’s Future)Baron Zemo (Helmut) and Iron Fist.
  • The image of Falcon is for Redwing, not Sam Wilson

Toybiz Box sets

PowerhouseWiccanHulklingIron Lad (31st Century)Patriot (Bradley)DraculaFrankenstein’s MonsterWerewolf By NightZombieIron Man (House Of M)Hulk (House of M)The It (House of M)Inhuman Torch (House Of M)


  • All Alternate Universe character are considered separate characters. As such the House of M figures are included.

More to come