Cassidy Family

Here you will find all the members of the Cassidy family.

Black Tom Cassidy (Sean’s cousin)
Sean’s daughter
Multiple Man – “Father” of baby Sean


Liam Cassidy (ancestor) | Patrick Rourke (Sean’s father-in-law) | Maeve Rourke Cassidy (Sean’s wife and Theresa’s mother) | Sean Madrox (Theresa’s “son”) | Victoria Donnely (Sean’s cousin)


  • Sean Cassidy and Thomas Cassidy are cousins that grew up together and both fell in love with Maeve Rourke.
  • Sean married Maeve. She would fall pregnant with Theresa but Sean went on a long mission for Interpol without knowing she was pregnant.
  • Maeve would be killed in an IRA bombing and Theresa would be raise by Tom.
  • Theresa and Sean would later be reunited, now known as the X-men Siryn and Banshee respectively.
  • Theresa would fall “pregnant” with Jamie Madrox’s child but this turned out to be one of his many clones.