NCS – Super-Adaptoid, TAS Aunt May and Doc ock

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off all the reveals from the Livestream, but before that I have updated the Hawkeye (MCU) with the new Ronin figure. Yes, I know that this figure is basically the same as the Endgame version but Hasbro are advertising it as the Disney + Hawkeye Series so I made a section for it. Unless you missed the Endgame version, skip this.

As for the new stuff, we finish off the Avengers Beyond Earth Mightiest line (that we know of) with a look at the tallest figure of the line, the Super-Adaptoid. I think it was a clever idea to use the 12 Cap figure for this. Granted he needed the wings, but you can just make the argument that Wasp wasn’t a member of the team on your display. LOL.

We finish off by having a quick look at the “Aunt May (The Animated Series) and Dr. Octopus (The Animated Series)” 2-pack. Not much to say about this set. This may be the only Aunt May we get for a long while but if you think that you should get this set for the tentacles, just know that Hasbro are bound to re-release a classic version with these eventually.

We are supposed to be getting a new Pre-order this week and according to Dan, it’s something that hasn’t been officially revealed yet. Unless it’s not the ones I’m thinking it is, next time we will look at Harry Osborn. Next Wednesday, I will be making a new “Missing Legends”.


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