NEWS – March 1st Livestream Summary

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro’s Marvel Team just had their first Livestream of the year (has it really been over 2 months since the last one?) and they have revealed a ton of new stuff and (while they were rumored) alot of stuff we weren’t expecting today. I think this is because this time of the year would have been the Toy Fair season and they would have revealed alot in that show but since that has been moved back to October, they revealed them now. They started off going through the back four waves that they had revealed and put up for preorder that being the Avengers Puff Adder wave, the X-men Ch’Od, the Ant-man Cassie Lang wave and the GOTG Vol. 3 Cosmo wave.

For their first set of revealed they started revealing the next Spider-man wave. This wave will include:

  1. Ben Reilly’s Spider-man from the Beyond series on the RYV box set.
  2. Chasm, Ben Reilly’s latest identity on teh Sunfire body.
  3. Miles Morales Spider-man latest costume (the hoodie version), which looks to be all new.
  4. The Rose on a pinless suited body
  5. Jessica Drew’s Spider-woman stealth costume
  6. Elektra as Daredevil. No shown her but she will come with her scarf.
  7. Tarantula. Yes his mask can be blue or black depending on the artist
  8. BAF was not announced as of yet.

Next, they reveal something no one was expect and that was the next 2-pack for their Spider-man: The Animated Series VHS cell-shading Pulse Exclusive. This set will be Aunt May and Doc Ock, the last being on a whole new sculpt and comes with bendy wired tentacles that can also be used with the previous classic Ock. This will be up for Pre-order tomorrow.

For the final figure reveal (but not the final announcement), Hasbro went into what they are offering for the Avengers: Beyond Earth’s Mightiest Anniversary tie-in. This line will consist of:

  1. First Appearance Iron man on a whole new sculpt.
  2. Bruce Banner, with removable glasses, and First Appearance Hulk, with a new smoother torso, 2-pack
  3. Bearded Thor and Destroyer
  4. Hawkeye with his Sky-Cycle (Finally, they have been teasing this one for years now.)
  5. Monica Rambeau in her original Captain Marvel costume and Secret Wars Dr. Doom
  6. Sersei and Black Knight in their 90’s Avengers costumes. Black Knight comes with a new laser sword.
  7. A new superposable Black Widow (rumored to be exclusive to Target)
  8. A new Bucky Captain America on the Vulcan build (ironic). (Rumored to be a Walmart Exclusive)
  9. Secret Invasion Super-Skrull (similar to the recent Marvel Select version) and Veranke in the Spider-woman costume. (Probably will some with a Classic Jessica Drew head)
  10. 12-Inch Super-Adaptoid, which uses part from their 12-Inch Captain America.

Finally, they finished the livestream by announcing that this year’s Haslab project is going to be Avenger based. Most are guessing it will either be a Giant-man of some sort or a Quinjet.


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