Missing Legends – Lilandra

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Wednesday is the big day for Hasbro’s livestream, so I decided to take a break from NCS and do a requested Missing Legends. If you want to suggest a Missing Legends for me to do, head over to the Missing Legends Requests page to enter your character. (Also, the guy who asked for Swordsman, you still need to get back to me and tell me which guy you mean.)

For today’s missing legends we have the Majestrix of the Shi’Ar Empire, Lilandra. Before anyone says it,yes I know I said cancelled figure aren’t allowed but Lilandra never had a figure cancelled per say. She lost the ToyFare Fan Poll in 2007 so that was never to be released and the head that came with Mystique doesn’t have a body for her, so she counts as a Missing Legends. With the Fang, Corsair and Ch’Od getting released, I think Hasbro will finally give us Lilandra soon.


One comment

  1. Hasbro should give a Lilandra head without her helmet and one with some type of facial expression to go with the one from Mystique.


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