NCS – Dr. Spectrum (Obatu and Roberts)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Before we get onto the NCS, would the person who ask for me to do a Missing Legends of Swordsman please get onto about which version you are asking for? I’m presuming the Jacques Duquesne but if you are talking about the Strucker or Javart version, please let me know by re-entering it into the request page with his civilian name (even just the surname will do). If others would like to suggest a character for Missing Legends please head over to this page (Missing Legends Requests).

Anyhow, last week I made a whole paragraph about how there was at least 3 men that have been Dr. Spectrum in the 616 universe (plus 3 women) so talking we talk about the first and second wielders of the Power Prism with Dr. Spectrum (Obatu) and Dr. Spectrum (Roberts). Just the more recent one left. Do I think the ladies will get a chance? Not likely but it’s not impossible. Hasbro seems to want to build the newest version of the team.

There will be some sort of reveal tomorrow which looking more and more like Ant-man and the Wasp wave, but on Wednesday I will be doing an Ideal Haslab project so be sure to check that out. And no, it’s not for the Ants. That’s next week.


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