Alternate NCS – Bethany Cabe, 2 Beetles and 2 Captain America.

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start a new part of NCS, where we look at characters that just happen to wear the costume that Toybiz and Hasbro have made into a figure. For example, let’s start off with Tony Stark’s former love and frequent head of security, Bethany Cabe. She wore the Neo-Classic armor when Rhodey recruited former people that have donned the Iron Man armor in order to defeat Ultimo. Given that Iron Man has a big part of ML, we may get an official version of her later. Maybe for an Iron man Retro wave?

Next, you know how Beetle had three armors before he decided to become a good guy as Mach-I. Well, three students later stole these three armors, and they became the Beetle. We are still missing the MK I version, but you can have Beetle (Gary Quinn) and Beetle (Elizabeth Vaughn) in your display by using the Buzzing Beetle and Homecoming wave Beetle respectively.

Lastly, long before Sam, Bucky and even John took up the mantle of Captain America, there was a time when Steve gave up the mantle when he learnt that a high-ranking official in the US government was behind the terrorist group The Secret Empire. During that time, he became the Nomad and a number of people tried to fill the role. One was a comedically short run by Captain America (Bob Russo) and the other with a rather iconic scene was Captain America (Simons). Not saying you should ever use the Classic Cap for this, but it is nice to known about these.

Before you go, I just want to say I will only be doing these alternate characters for the Prime universe. If I were to do Alternate universe versions of the characters, I would never be done. Unless Hasbro markets the figure as some alternate universe, like they did with the RYV Spider-man, I will not do them.


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