NCS – 3 Marvel Select figures- Mephisto, Death and Uatu

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. After finishing off all the 6inch figures that are unique characters, today we look at 3 figures from the Marvel Select line that many people use in their Marvel Legends line. We start with someone most people are still angry who was included in the Haslab Engine of Vengeance project, Mephisto. Yes, Hasbro shouldn’t have made one of the most important villains part of that project. However, they said THAT VERSION of Mephisto wouldn’t be released in retail so they may just repaint it and release it on Pulse at some point.

Next, we look at a character that could be watching you now, Uatu The Watcher. It’s actually surprising we haven’t gotten this in ML form at some point. Easy BAF for a F4 wave. Then again if you don’t have the Select form the What If…? version makes a great stand-in.

Lastly, it is not really a figure, more of a statue that come with the Mad Titan, the embodiment of Death and Destruction, Mistress Death. Honestly, I would skip getting this. I don’t see what would prevent Hasbro from making this eventually. The standard female body with skeleton hands and head. Maybe a pack-in with her brother?

That it for all the figures released by Diamond, Toybiz and Hasbro so far but next time we will begin looking at characters that just happen to wear the same costume as previous NCS. For example, all the Captain America, Red Guardians, Beetles, or Iron Men. You actually be surprised how many figures can be used for other characters.

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