NEWS – X-men wave Ch’Od BAF revealed

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last December, Hasbro revealed their next X-men based wave that included Astonishing X-men Cyclops and Emma Frost, Generation X Monet and Chamber, X-force Kid Omega and the Starjammers Corsair. During the Livestream they not only said that there will be more Starjammers to join Christopher Summers’ Starjammers Team, but they also teased Ch’Od by revealing teasing Cr’reee as well. Today, they have confirmed that Ch’Od is indeed the BAF for this wave. As many guessed, it will primarily be a repaint of the Abomination figure with new arms and head, which is not surprising considering the 2 look almost identical except for the colors. This wave will be available for Pre-order tomorrow.


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