NCS – Kid Omega and another Jack O’Lantern

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our looks at the upcoming X-men wave with a look at the youngest member of the wave, Kid Omega. I’m honestly not surprised they went with the Krakoa’s X-force version at it’s probably the only “toyetic” costume he has. I wonder if they will make the rest of the team. I really want that version of Domino.

I’m going to skip Monet until next week as I need to research her more as well as her twin sisters as well as they appeared as this as well. Instead let’s look at the last of Toybiz Spider-man Classics figure with a look at a character that was not only given the wrong head but also the wrong name, Jack O’Lantern (Levins). Yes, I know everyone is waiting for a classic Jack O’Lantern but if Hasbro were to remake this, I wouldn’t be mad. Like I said, that is the last of the Spider-man Classic from Toybiz but there is still one character from Hasbro’s attempt at the line I have to do who I think Hasbro are thinking of remaking. However, that is for next week.

Next time we will go back to do Monet, the M-Twins and (if I have time) Tarantula.


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