NCS – Corsair, Fang (1 to 3) and Turg

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are heading to the Shi’Ar empire today but before then, if you haven’t already, we are currently holding the finals of the Best of 2022 so head over here to vote. I have also updated Powerhouse (Franklin Richard) with the newly revealed figure so if you want to find out why he is now a teenager and now has black hair, head over there. If you aren’t up to date with the rumors, he is supposed to be coming in a 2-pack with his little sister, Valeria (who is using the Brainstorm codename).

Since we are talking about Franklin, I also did the NCS for the pack-in head in a jar, Turg. Not that they have the head hopefully we will get a few Moloids in the coming years and a new Mole Man.

Next up, we look at the Space Pirate and Summers’ patriarch, Christopher Summers, aka Corsair. It’s great that Hasbro are finally at least starting Starjammers and with Cr’Reee also confirmed, it’s looking like Ch’Od is coming this year as well. Whether he is the BAF for the wave or not is unknown. He could even be part of a 2-pack or box set with Hepzibah and Raza.

Next up we have probably the second most famous member of the Imperial Guard, Fang. However, he is not alone as his successors. Fang II and Fang III, are here, which allowed me to also to create the Fang (Multiverse) page. Yes. Yes. I know that the figure is on the wrong body (should have been the Wolverine body) but I love this figure and the fact that they are finally getting more of the Guard into the line.

And that’s the last NCS of 2022. Next week we will begin the New Year with a look at pink haired punk Kid Omega and self-absorbed Monet.


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