Results – Best MCU/Gamerverse/Animated ML 2022

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got what you wanted from Santa. I didn’t get any figure, basically because my family doesn’t usually buy me any unless I had them preordered already. I did get a nice Black Panther jacket from my nieces though. Anyway, last week I asked you to vote on the best MCU, Animated and Gamerverse figures of the year but unlike the Comic figures most of these were extremely one sided. As a reminder the winner will be going onto the finals, which will be up later today.

Best Newcomer

Moon Knight – 61%

Winning the Best Newcomer, a character that had yet to have a figure until 2022, we have the Disney+ Moon Knight and as you can see, he won by a huge margin. The second place winner, Disney + She-Hulk, only managed to get 11% of the votes and third places, a five-way tie with Toei Spider-man, Ironheart, Namor, Classic Loki and Kate Bishop, only got 6%.

Best re-release/repaint

Disney + Winter Soldier – 56%

For the best re-release or repaint if you like, we have the Winter Soldier from the flashback scene of Falcon and Winter Soldier. Another clear winner but wasn’t that big of a gap as the last one as the 2-pack Steve Rogers Cap managed to get 22% and Groot from L+T got 11.

Best New Costume

Disney + Hawkeye – 28%

Winner of the best new costume, a figure that is based on a costume not yet released in ML, we have Hawkeye from his self-titled D+ show. For second place with have the L+T Ravager Thor and King Valkyrie with 28% and then Shuri Black Panther with 11%.

Best Villain

Namor – 67%

Another overwhelming victory, this time for Namor. Since there were only four candidates, they all got voted for. In order of second to last was Gorr, He Who Remains and then Master Mordo.

Best Female

She-Hulk – 61%

Wow, you guys know what you like. Winning the best female figure with have Bruce Banner’s cousin, She-Hulk. The second-place winners, Kate and Valkyrie only managed to get 11% and the third place, Shuri, Ironheart and America Chavez, only got 6%.

Best Animated / Gamerverse

XM-TAS Apocalypse – 28%

The only category that could have gone either with as there was only one vote between the winner, Apocalypse and Cyclops. Third place winner was the Gamerverse Mr. Negative.

And that is the winners of the Best MCU, Gamerverse and Animated Marvel Legends of 2022, as voted by you. As always let me know what you think in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.


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