Results – Best of ML 2022 Exclusives

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week, we started the voting for the second part of the Best of Marvel Legends 2022 with the Exclusive categories. We had a lot of votes with a few very tight results. So much so that I had to use my tie breaking privilege. But here are the results, as voted for by you. If you don’t agree with the results, that’s fine but this is what people voted for. Also remember that all of these figures will be part of the finals.

Best Single Exclusive

Walmart Exclusive – Classic Dr. Strange – 22%

This was the one that I had to use my tie breaking privilege for. Both this and Lizard were fighting for the lead for most of the voting with Animated Spider-man being third. I decided on Dr. Strange as we have gotten a BAF version of Lizard only recently, but we have been waiting on a Classic Strange for a while.

Best 2-pack Exclusive

King in Black – 44%

Taking the best 2-pack exclusive we have the Fan Channel Spider-man 60th anniversary King in Black 2-pack. This was the only part of the voting that had a clear winner with second place (Renew Your Vows) with only 31% of the votes.

Best Multipack Exclusive

Pulse Exclusive – Mojo World – 36%

One vote. That is all that separates the Mojo world box set, and the Amazon Venom box set. (I voted for KIB) Honestly this one could have gone either way as all the nominees gotten decent number of votes. Yes, even the Amazon Spider-man box set got quite a few votes.

Fan Channel Single Exclusive

20th Anniversary – Toad – 27%

This was another close vote and no I didn’t have to use the tie breaker for it (I voted for Cap who was 24%). Now I know some will saw this is wrong but how many Caps have we had over the years? This has been requested a Toad remake for years that this is an excellent upgrade to the Toybiz and is really needed for any X-men collection,

And that is the winners of the Best Exclusives of 2022. Each of these figures will be added to the Finals but that won’t be until we do our next two categories, Comic and MCU figure, one of which will be up to vote later. Let me know what you think of the winners in the comments below or on any of the social media sites. As always be respectful. If you don’t like that winner that fine but know that people other than you did.


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