NCS – Spiral, Stryfe, Classic Star-Lord and Animated Cyclops

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we not only finish off the second X-men Retro wave, but all the remaining characters that were revealed at Pulse-con. We start with the six-armed, magic, and teleporting mutant, Spiral (Mojoverse). I have the original and as far as I can see nothing is used from that version. The old one still holds up though, but this looks to be a vast improvement.

Next, we look at Cable’s evil clone, Stryfe (Earth-Askani). Unlike Spiral this looks to be an exact re-release of the Jubilee wave version but considering that was near impossible to get without selling a kidney, it is nice to get it again. If you haven’t been keeping up with the rumors, this is supposed to be part of the X-men 60th anniversary line as part of a five pack. If you want to see what is in the other check out the Rumor List – 10/10/22.

We also look at the Star-Lord (Earth-791). Yep that Walmart exclusive is not the 616 version but his original version from back in 1975. After his story was finished, he fell into obscurity for decades before he was brought back in Annihilation but when the character became popular, they changed most of his backstory making the 616 version a new version.

Finally, we look at the last of the X-men: Animated Series figure with Cyclops (X-men: the Animated Series). Not much to say about this character but if you missed the comic version of this suit you may want to get this one.

Unless we get another reveal during the weekend, we will return to our look back at the SDCC sets with a look at Purple man and Dreadknight.


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