NCS – Orb, Molecule man and Iron man (MVC + Animated)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at all the new characters that were revealed during last week’s Pulse-con (that I have yet to do an NCS for). I will be doing these in how they were revealed so like look at the Retro Iron Man set. This can be used as a comic version but Hasbro decided to not only included the Photon Cannon for the Iron Man (Marvel Vs. Capcom) but also the animated head for the Iron Man (Iron Man: The Animated Series) (the one with the mouth piece), so you can choose which one you want this set to be.

Moving onto one of the few brand-new characters, we have one of Ghost Rider’s villains Orb. Before anyone says it, as far as I can see Drake Shannon, the original Orb, who wore an Eyeball helmet, never wore this costume. Shannon wore an older school biker outfit, not a stunt costume. This is the second Orb.

Finally, we look at the classic F4 villain, Molecule Man. This has been a long time coming. Glad they sculpted the scars on his face for this. Hopefully, we will get Volcana at some point.

Next time (depending on if Hasbro reveals stuff for NYCC) we will look at Avalanche and What If…? Gamora.


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