Retro NCS – Major Victory, Titus, Shatterstar and Warlock

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we continue and finish our look at the first GOTG Vol. 2 wave as well as start and finish the second X-men wave. Starting with the GOTG wave, we look at so far, the only one of the original GOTG, Major Victory (31st Century). The only reason I can think of why Hasbro has done another member of the team is the amount of time between the second movie and the third one. I do believe 100% that we will get more later, maybe next year for the Vol 3 movie.

We also look at the baf of the wave, Titus. I still remember watching the video of this being revealed and everyone saying “who?”. Thankfully, I was watching the GOTG cartoon at the time so I kind of knew who he was. But hey, a white tiger alien with a cannon arm.

Next, we move onto the second X-men wave. I have already done a NCS for Colossus, Polaris, Sunfire, Dazzler, Old Man Logan (The Wastelands) and of course Cyclops, so late talk about last regular figure of the wave, Shatterstar (Mojoverse). This is a character that has one of the most mind-bending origins I have read in comics for a while.

Lastly, we talk about the BAF of the wave, Warlock. No. Not that one, the New Mutants mechanic alien. To this day I still think this is one of the best BAFs that Hasbro has ever released. Hopefully, we will get the male side of the team in their costumes at some point. Cyber has to come with a Douglock head though.

We are only two regular retail waves to do before we catch up, one being the Spider-man Homecoming wave and the other being second GOTG Vol. 2 waves. There also are still a few 2-packs that were released to general retail left. Hopefully, I will catch up this or next week and then onto the exclusives.


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