Retro NCS – Sam Alexander’s Nova, Phlish’s Nova, Darkhawk and Angela

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look back at a founding member of the teenage team, the Champion, his pack-in character, a Raptor and a very unusual character created for another company. Starting with Nova (Alexander) and Nova (Phlish), I think these are great figures. We have been building up quite an amount of Nova Corps members over the years so he will be a nice addition for many cosmic collections.

Next up we talk about Darkhawk. Toybiz had planned to make this character, but they couldn’t figure out how to make the wings. Hasbro did a great job with the figure. He is needed for any cosmic shelf and New Warriors.

Next up we have a character that kind of makes Todd McFarlane a hypocrite, Angela. I went into a small bit of detail in the NCS but if you want a thorough and well put together explanation, I highly recommend looking at this video by Comic Drake – Click Here. The video also tells you how DC’s Shazam lost his Captain Marvel name and how Miracle Man returned to Marvel.

Next time we will finish off the Titus wave with a look at Major Victory, Titus and maybe Shatterstar of the Warlock wave.


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