Rumor Round-Up – Pre-SDCC 2022

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. As most of you know, this week is the biggest week for comic fans as it is the week of San Diego Comic Con. Hasbro is planning to have a few figures reveals as well as a panel on Friday (12:30pm PT, 3:30pm ET, 8.30pm GMT). As I usually do for any major event reveals, I have gathered various rumors that have come from reliable sources like JTPrime, JayC and Rektangular (whose video you can find below). However, before we go on, the last paragraph will have a spoiler for the upcoming Wakanda Forever wave. I would also like to note I haven’t heard of IF there will be a Haslab this year but they may only tease it for this con.

Skip to the TLDR section if you just want a list of rumors.

Since SDCC is having a major Spider-man event for this year with a museum and everything let’s start off with a few rumors for that. Starting with the 60th stuff, we still have at least three more set to be revealed. These include an Animated Spider-man (though we still don’t know if it’s the 90’s, 60/70 or any others), a Spider-slayer set (though I’m not getting any other source mentioning this) a Peni Parker and SP//DR two pack (that has more or less been confirmed due to an Australian site putting it up on their site). Speaking of Peni, there is another Spider-verse wave that was supposed to be released this year for the Across the Spider-verse movie, but that obviously been delayed due to the movie being delayed. There will more than likely be a replacement wave for it that will be all comic based, probably to be released for the first wave of 2022.

Next up let’s talk about the set that will fall under the 20th anniversary line. These will be in various retro packaging. There are three figures that have yet to be revealed. These include a X-men Beast which we assume is what the lab coat that they keep showing off is about. There is also a Scorpion figure but I’m getting two conflicting characters for the last two. Originally it was supposed to be a Captain America figure but recently this has been changed to a Ghost Rider figure, which we assume is due to the Rider’s anniversary this year. Not part of the 20th line but there is another Mega deluxe set rumor (similar to the MODOK set). This is rumored to be a general release of Mojo but given that he is coming to the Con exclusive I’m not sure about this one.

There is all comic wave rumor for the start of the year but it’s unknown what theme it will be, but the highest chance is another Spider-man wave, Avengers wave or X-men wave. We will know that there is a Vintage/Retro wave coming, which is more than likely the Iron Man wave. There is of course the GOTG Vol 3, Ant-man and the Wasp 3 and the Marvel waves (the last two releases being switched due to the movies) but the likelihood of use getting a reveal for those are slim, though the comic figure may be revealed as teasers. There are also a few deluxe sets for those and the Wakanda Forever wave. I’m also getting rumor of an unknown 3-pack as well as the long rumor Hawkeye 2-pack.

For something we know is coming, the third Disney + wave has LOOOOONNNGGGG being revealed over the past year and while they could reveal the last figure (She-Hulk) I actually think they will hold up on that until closer to the release of the series. There is also a listing for a fourth, which we can assume will be What If…? and Secret Invasion heavy. As for which figure could be in that wave, the only ones I can guarantee is the What If…? Gamora and Sakaarian Iron man. Both were supposed to be in the first series but due to covid, it was moved to the second season.

Now onto the more heated stuff, the exclusives but I only have two places I can talk about, Walgreen and Pulse. As people know, Walgreen has had at least four figures a year exclusive to them that fall under a certain theme, with this year being Super-Villains. They have already released Baron Zemo and Jigsaw but there are still two to be revealed. It is more than likely we will get at least one of these revealed this Cons. For those who are collecting the Animated X-men stuff, we have at least two more to come. It is unknown if one of them is the Beast I mentioned before but given that they are listed separately it will more than likely be someone else.

Before we get onto the last thing, another warning. Below the video is the some of the listings for the upcoming Wakanda Forever wave. However, there is a few characters that have not been Officially revealed by Marvel Studio. So, if you want to go into the movie blind, either close this post OR skip down to the TLDR list.

Right, if you are reading this part, you don’t care about Spoilers. A few months back, we found out that the Wakanda Forever wave will include a COMIC book Black Panther (unknown which version) as well as the Hatut Zeraze, the comic book male equivalent of the Dora Malijie. We now also know that this wave will contain the MCU version of Namor the submariner. We don’t know the rest of the wave but it’s safe to assume that the BAF is the MCU version of Attuma. There is still a Legacy version for Okoye also coming which we assume will be an exclusive as well as a deluxe set which I mentioned already. As for what other characters could be in it, Shuri, a NEW Okoye, and newcomer Namorita are possible. I don’t expect Iron Heart to get a figure in this wave as she will more than likely get a figure for her own series. However, unless Marvel releases a trailer BEFORE Friday, don’t expect anything beyond the Legacy Okoye and the comic figures to be revealed.


  • Spider-man 60th
    • Animated Spider-man
    • Peni Parker and SP//DR
    • Spider-slayer
  • Spider-man comic wave
  • 20th Anniversary line
    • Beast
    • Scorpion
    • Captain America OR Ghost Rider
  • Mega Deluxe set (possibly Mojo)
  • Hawkeye 2-pack
  • unknown 3-pack
  • Disney + wave 3 – She-Hulk
  • Legacy Okoye
  • Wakanda Forever wave (No spoilers here)
  • Wakanda Forever Deluxe
  • 2 more villains for Walgreen
  • 2 more X-men Animated figures
  • stuff for 2023
    • Unknown all comic book wave
    • GOTG Vol 3 wave
    • GOTG Vol 3 Deluxe
    • Ant-man and The Wasp wave
    • Spider-man Across the Spider-verse wave
    • The Marvels wave
    • Disney+ Wave 3

And that was pretty much everything I could find. There are more but I can’t find them. Thanks to Rektangular, JayC and JTPrime for their help. What are you more looking forward to at this convention? Let me know below or on any of the social media sites.


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