Universes- Live-Action Misc. Universe

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we wait for this weekend San Diego Comic Convention reveals, I have been working on the next and penultimate universe, or rather universes, the Live-Action Misc. Universes. I know what some people will say that some of these deserve a page for themselves but considering I will only be putting a list of the movies involved and the characters from those movies, I thought it might have been just easier just to put all of these in one page. There is also the fact that most of them mightn’t be given a new figure for a while.

I still have one Universe or multiverse page to do but that probably won’t be for a while as I have to do extensive research into it. Tomorrow I will be posting the pre-SDCC Rumor Round-Up so be sure to come back then.

As for the SDCC reveals themselves, I will be working for most of the weekend so I will be late in posting news about them. Be sure to head over to sites like http://marvelousnews.com and http://thefwoosh.com if you can’t wait for me.


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