Retro NCS + Universes – Whirlwind

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish our look back at the Red Onslaught wave by looking at Wasp’s stalker, Whirlwind. I always liked the design of Whirlwind. I think it was the saws on his arms. For those that watched the Iron man cartoon of the 90’s he was one of the Mandarin’s minions so if you want to get it for that was well. I think we are only missing Whiplash and Hypnotica with the latter not being possible as she was an original character.

I have also done part one of the Animated Universes which has the 90’s cartoons, the Unlimited cartoon and the first of Disney Animated universe.

Next time we start looking back at the Civil War Giant man wave with a look at the overly patriotic, cyborg, super-soldier, Nuke.


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