Retro NCS + Universes – Cottonmouth

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look at the first of the Captain America: Civil War wave, the Red Onslaught wave. This wave, while loved by fans for its deep dive with the characters, caused a bit of controversy with its BAF. Not the character itself but the fact that Red Onslaught didn’t come with a classic Onslaught head. You see at that time, X-men hadn’t had a proper wave since the relaunch of the line due to Fox owning the movies rights for the X-men. Hasbro also explained that they aren’t allowed to mix the franchise which is why you probably won’t see a F4 member in a X-men line or a X-men character in the Avengers line. Marvel must have gotten the merchandising right back for the X-men because it wasn’t long before we got a new X-men wave, with Onslaught classic head coming with it.

I have already done an NCS for Captain America, Agent 13 and the BAF, Red Skull (as well as the reason most people bought it Onslaught) so let’s look at the first of four and a half new characters with Cottonmouth. While Hasbro had done a member of the Serpent Society before with Viper (though she was only marketed as Madame Hydra), but this was the first time that Hasbro really started to build the Society. Since then, we have gotten members like King Cobra, Rock Python and Eel as well as a remake of Viper, which most of them being wave fillers for various Avengers/MCU waves. Given that there are still over a dozen members left, so expect plenty more to come. I personally want Diamondback above anyone else. (NOTE: Before anyone says it, Constrictor has NEVER been a member of the Society except for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon).

I have also added a Thanos Wins Universe (Earth-TRN666) page to the universe sections (forget that it had three characters from that universe made) as well as added Noir-verse, Pet Avengers Universe, Poison-verse, Punk-verse, Renew Your Vows Universe, Roxxon Future Universe and Shadowline Universe to the Misc Universe page. Only a handful left of the Misc universe left and then we move onto the Gamer-verses sections.

Next time we will look at Hawkeye’s ex-wife with one of the most controversial storylines, Mockingbird.


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