Retro NCS – Sentry

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro has released information for 2 new Moon Knight figures over the weekend (or rather, one official info and one that Marvel leaked accidentally), but I want to wait for the show to run for a bit more before I do a NCS for that. Since I caught up with all the reveals so far, I decided to jump back and look at the last figure of the All-Father wave by looking at the crazy Super-man, Sentry. Honestly, I wouldn’t say this needs a remake, but I wouldn’t mind if Hasbro decided to make another version NOT on the Hyperion mold. Maybe give us the red and black version if they want to make a new version.

Next time we will look at the BAF of the wave, or rather one of the options for the BAF, looking at the Thor from the End of Time, King Thor.

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