NCS – Sleepwalker and MCU Mordo

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our week of new NCS additions. Today we start and finish (for now) the Dr. Strange MOM wave. I already did a NCS for D’Spayre and Dr. Strange (MCU) (won’t add the new figures yet until after the movie airs) and won’t be doing Wong, America Chavez and Rintrah until after the movie releases.

So instead, we will start with the only other comic figure in the wave, Sleepwalker. Honestly, I am delighted to add this to my collection but looking up his history, I can understand why he is not an essential character for many collectors.

I also added a quick NCS for Karl Mordo (MCU). I didn’t add his new figure but he has had a figure from the first movie. It’s weird that we haven’t gotten a comic figure yet but by the sounds of various interviews, Disney has given a directive for Hasbro not to make comic figure of character that have little screen time like Mordo. This was to avoid confusion. Well, it was the reason we got that as to why it took so long to get so many Iron man comic figures.

Next time we will look at the news characters from the X-men Bonebreaker wave by look at the only member of the Deadly Genesis team to make it into the Fox live action movie, Darwin.

Sorry I meant Ragnarok.

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