Best Overall Marvel Legends 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hope you all had a wonderful New Years. We have alot of Marvel Legends to look forward to this year but before that we must find out what you guys, my readers, thought was the best Marvel Legends of the year. I posted the poll last week, consisting of the previous winners of the past few weeks. Well, let’s find out who the winners are by looking at the top five winners. (Honestly, with the exception of the overall winner, most of these only had one vote differences.)

5th Place (7.21%) – Frog-man

Like I said before, the most ridiculus character Hasbro could have picked but one of the most fun figures we ever had.

4th Place (7.69%) – Thanos

You won’t be snapping this fella away as we finally get our Classic Thanos for our collection.

3rd Place (8.17%) – MODOK

It may have cost more than most were willing to pay, but this was well worth it.

2nd Place (8.65%) Tied – Ursa Major and Gamerverse Miles Morales

We have two runners up this year. I would have broken the tie, but both deserve their places, and it was hard to decide between them.

Winner (12.02%)- Ultron

There could have only been one winner. We have been waiting on a proper comic book Ultron since the Toybiz days. We have gotten Ultron before but none of them were based on any of the actual comic designs. Hasbro delivers not only the best Ultron ever, but also the best Marvel Legends of 2021.

And that was the Best Marvel Legends of 2021. Did your vote win? Do you agree with the winner? Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media site.

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