Alts- 3/1/22

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get onto the Alternates below I just wanted to announce that there will be a new NCS all week starting tomorrow. (I have a week off work for my post-Christmas break.) We will begin with Sleepwalker and MCU Mordo.

Anyway the following Alternates have been added to the site:

  • Scream Hosts – While she hasn’t gotten her own unique figure, I have also added Mania (Benton) to the site as her look as Scream is extremely close to Diego’s look. Patricia Robertson’s look is very different to them both. That being said, now I also want a Silence (the Anti-Venom version of Scream) alongside Mania now.
  • Black King (Hellfire Club) – Sebastian Shaw isn’t the only one who held the position, just the most famous.
  • Black Queen (Hellfire Club) – before anyone asks, Jean never held the position.

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