NCS + Alts – Kate Bishop (Comic and MCU)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Well, it’s back. NCS now officially returns from its Christmas break. Hope you all got your plastic highs. I didn’t get any figures this year from the family, just the clothes that I asked for. But enough about me.

A couple of weeks back, Hasbro announced a pair new Disney+ figure figures based on the Hawkeye series. I updated the MCU Hawkeye page yesterday, but it was the other figure, the Kate Bishop, that I was waiting for the series to end to avoid spoilers. Like always, we can’t do an MCU page without doing a comic page (if that MCU figure had a comic figure counterpart of course). As such, I have done a NCS for Hawkeye (Bishop) as well as one for Hawkeye (Bishop, MCU). Those wanting to find the comic figure might have a tough time as not only is that figure years old, but it was also part of the now gone Toy-R-Us box set. A few made its way onto Etailers but almost all of those are sold out. You can use the MCU version that will be coming out as it look very similar to her LA costume.

I have also added a few Alts today:

  • Scarlet Spiders – Ben isn’t the only one to take the mantle
  • Tarantulas – Hasbro needs to remake the old tiny version.
  • Hawkeyes – All we need is Hasbro to make Barton’s brother and we will have all the Hawkeyes from the Prime Universe.

Next time (Either Monday or Tuesday of next week), we will look at the only other comic figure from the Dr Strange MOM wave, Sleepwalker as well as looking at MCU Mordo (won’t be putting in his new version but he does have his first movie version to talk about).


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