Character Updates – 27 Dec 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. NCS are back this week. However, before we go onto the new characters, we have quite a few updates to quite a few characters that were revealed during my Holiday break. Most of them are basically replacing older images and figures with new updated figures but there are a few new costumes to the pages.

  • Hawkeye (MCU) – Since the series has ended, I have added his new costume from the Disney+ series. Still no word on how or when it will be released.
  • D’Spayre – Replace 3d render with new product shot.
  • Dr. Strange (MCU) – added the new Astral form (which is from his first movie before anyone says it) and No Way Home version. I will not be adding the recent Dr. Strange MOM standard and Defender version until after the movie releases.
  • Spider-man (MCU) – added the 2 suits from the Armadillo wave. WARNING: there are slight spoilers for these if you want to go into the movie spoiler-free.
  • Ulik – I replaced the SDCC version with the Walmart version. While it will be hard to get, it will be much easier to obtain then the SDCC version
  • Baron Zemo (Helmut) – replace the Walgreen figure with a much clearer image
  • Jigsaw – Replace the Toybiz mobster version with the new Walgreens version.
  • Hulk – Added the new 20th to the classic section. You can decide which you want.
  • Vulcan – Replace the CG version with the official figure
  • Sabretooth – replace the Toybiz Firsta Appearance version with the new Hasbro version
  • Wolverine – added the Return of Wolverine version.
  • Havok – replaced the Toybiz Classic version with the new Hasbro Classic version.
  • Maggott – added his official image. I will not be making a NCS for Eenie and Meenie. They are part of his body/power, not a separate entity.

And that’s all the updated. Tomorrow we will start talking about the new character by looking at the newest member of the MCU with Kate Bishop, both Comics and MCU.

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