Updates + Alts – Iron Man and Spider-man

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. With so much going on these past few weeks, I have not gotten around to making a new NCS for today. However, I have finished updating a few of the older characters. Starting off with the other 20th Anniversary set, I have replaced the horned helmeted version of Iron Man. Also I noticed that people think it’s just the 80th version with a new head but it’s not. The torso has been changed out to more resemble the art it’s based on.

I also replace the Iron Spider costume of Spider-man. While it’s not confirmed, I do believe that this is part of a Spider-man 60th anniversary set. I also won’t be adding the Initiative Scarlet Spider’s triplets as they had 4 Waldos and this only has 3. Unless they give us swappable backpacks and an extra Waldos, they won’t be added.

Since I went through them I have added the following Alts (mostly Spideys):

  • Tony Starks
  • Peter Parkers – the first two are different from the Iron Men and Spider-man pages, as all Tony Stark/Peter Parker can be Iron Man/Spider-man but not all Iron Man/Spider-man are Tony Stark/Peter Parker.
  • Hornets – Peter was the only character we got that was Hornet. Ironically out of all his Identity Crisis costumes, this has been worn my many people. Hasbro seriously needs to get onto making some of the Slingers
  • Lizards – Since Spidey became a lizard as well, I added this.

Tomorrow (unless life or Hasbro gets in the way), I will start the new characters revealed from the past weekend, starting with Knull.

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