NCS + Alts – Piledriver

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last Friday I talked about how the Arnim Zola wave was another experimental wave for Hasbro with certain variants of figures being completely different characters. Well, since I started with Thunderball, it’s time to talk about his variant, Piledriver. Out of all the Wrecking Crew, Piledriver is probably the most boring. All the other have better gimmick but all he has all he has is big fists. Hell, even his son has a better powers.

As for the alternate we look at Green Goblin, all versions and……that’s it. Damn Norman has as many identities as Hank Pym at this stage:

  • Stormie Normies – all the Norman Osborn across the Multiverse
  • Green Goblins – Basically a more Green focus version of the Goblins page including alternate universes
  • Carnage Wearers – all who wore the Carnage symbiote
  • Iron Patriots – All who used the Iron Patriot armor. I didn’t realise that Toni Ho wore a armor that is identical to the one Rhodey wore in Iron Man 2 so she was added.
  • Super-Adaptoids – We may not have THE Super-Adaptoid but we have gotten a few that have used the name.

Next time we will look at the other swap pair with a look at Viper (Madame Hydra).

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